Anna Siciliano

Anna Siciliano grew up in an Italian home surrounded by the smell of oil paint and the sound of Opera. Her mother, Barbara, was an Artist and her dad, Joe, collected Opera and Classical music. Anna enjoyed watching her mother paint and was often asked to critique her paintings. In this way, Anna developed an artist’s eye at a young age.

As a young woman living in Houston Texas, Siciliano studied Impressionism and her paintings focused on loose studies of flowers and landscapes. She sold her art at open air Art Boutiques and to private clients. At this time, Anna also specialized in painting on silk and cotton fabric.

In 1997, Siciliano moved back to Utah and began painting mountain scenes and animals, including her favorite subject, horses. Anna loves watching her Paso Fino horses run free in the field and can often be found painting them in plein air. She enjoys photographing and painting wildlife found in Utah and Wyoming.

Anna has abounding passion for painting the soul of the animal. She believes animals have a deep impact on our lives and that painting them is a privilege. Her style reflects her heartfelt commitment to living life freely and fully. The strategic use of color brings her paintings to life and stimulates the eye.

Anna Siciliano loved showing her paintings alongside her mother, Barbara Siciliano, at Siciliano Art Boutiques in Salt Lake City. Anna currently lives in Huntsville Utah and participates in Local Artist Shows. She enjoys painting commissioned pieces and has a loyal following.