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Holladay Journal, December 2020

Ogden Valley News, July 15, 2019

Anna Siciliano


Holladay Artist of the Month Anna Siciliano shares title with her late mother, Barbara Siciliano

By Sona Schmidt-Harris | | Holladay Journal, Deceber 2020

Mother and daughter Barbara and Anna Siciliano shared more than just a home in Holladay. They also share the December Holladay Artist of the Month title.

Barbara lived in Holladay for 58 years and passed away in 2018. Anna inherited her mother’s home and now spends her time between Holladay and Huntsville.

A true Holladayite, Anna attended Crestview Elementary, Olympus Junior High School and Olympus High School.

Known primarily for her paintings of animals, Anna said, “I love the use of color and try to paint the soul of the animal. I photograph animals in Utah and Wyoming and try to use my photos when possible.”  

She grew up in her Italian-American home surrounded by the sound of opera and the smell of her mother’s oil paint. Barbara encouraged Anna to critique her paintings, so Anna became an artist and art critic at a young age.

Anna loved showing her paintings alongside her mother, Barbara Siciliano, at Siciliano Art Boutiques in Salt Lake City.

While in college, Anna took art classes but did not major in art. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders and a Master of Arts in Speech Pathology.

Later, she studied Impressionism while living in Houston, Texas and has studied the old masters’ style of oil painting since moving back to Utah in 1997. Currently, Anna studies with master teacher Sheila Woods and is also studying online with the Milan Art Institute in Athens, Georgia.

Anna is particularly fond of horses. “Riding my horses in the mountains of Utah gives me a sense of freedom,” she said. “The horse represents strength, beauty, freedom and movement.”

“The Look Out” is a wonderful example of Anna’s love of horses. It embodies strength and musculature, movement in her subject’s mane, and both sensitivity and majesty in the eyes of the horse.

Another painting of a horse has a smattering of paint in the background enhancing the motion aspect of her subject. The eyes, however, remain sensitive and somewhat focused on its beholder. 

Other paintings of Anna’s include “King of the Mountain” (a mountain goat), “Don’t Eat the Daisies” (a sensitive-looking cow gazes directly at its observer with a daisy in its mouth), a child with those ever-present, poignant eyes in her subjects, and also a rare still life, “Citrus” that in Anna’s hands exudes more of “life” than the “still” aspect of the genre.

Clcik here to read the entire article: Holladay Journal, December 2020


76TH Annual Ogden Palette Club Show
Ogden Union Station
September 2019
3rd Place Winner

Fall in Love with Ogden Valley
Ogden Valley Plein Air Competition
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